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Rocky Mountain Minerals

The original
The original – from the Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain Phyto Essentials

Phyto-microminerals primordial essence

the original – from the Rocky Mountains

  • Better absorption of vitamins
  • 100% natural and untreated
  • With high bioavailability
  • Rare trace elements
  • Liquid colloidal form
  • More than 80 minerals
  • synergistic effect
  • In miron glass

Phyto microminerals ur essence glass

Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence In Miron Violet Glass Bottle (500 ML)


Phyto-Microminerals Primal Essence In PET Bottle (500 ML)


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MicroSynergy Multivitamin and Minerals
MicroSynergy Multivitamin and Minerals
MicroSynergy Multivitamin and Minerals

Micro Synergy Capsules (120 pcs.) €41,50

Multivitamin and Minerals

Rocky Mountain Mineral Original logo
More special offers

More special offers

Rocky Mountain Mineral Original logo

Micro Cobalamin Plus (25 ml)
€14,50 (before 18,90€)

Micro Cobalamin Plus
Micro Cobalamin Plus
Micro Cobalamin Plus

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Rocky Mountain Phyto Essentials​®

Rocky Mountain Phyto Essentials

At Rocky Mountain Phyto Essentials​®​ you will find the unique and rare minerals from the Rocky Mountains. Millions of years ago, ancient forests in the southern Rocky Mountains were buried by lava. At that time the earth still had an abundance of minerals and trace elements. A high-quality extract with at least 70 minerals and trace elements of plant origin is obtained through an advanced extraction method: the phyto-micro-minerals primal essence. It is well tolerated and has excellent purity. The original essence consists of purely vegetable minerals and is therefore a completely natural food supplement.

In addition to the natural primal essence, all other products from Rocky Mountain are Phyto Essentials​®​, such as Rocky Mountain ​Vitamins,E​ and ​nutrients​, enriched with the mineral extract.

Organic Minerals from the Rocky Mountains

Your body needs organic minerals embedded in a plant structure. Conventional minerals from inorganic sources such as rock flour, clay, marine sediments, healing clay and even mineral water are difficult for the body to absorb. The phyto-microminerals primal essence, on the other hand, contains organic minerals to make it easier for your body to absorb important nutrients.

The phyto-micromineral primordial essence from Rocky Mountain Phyto Essentials®

Rocky Mountain Phyto Essentials

As a herbal food supplement, the essence of Rocky Mountain Phyto Essentials® gently and naturally ensures a good supply of vitamins and trace elements. In recent decades, the amount of essential nutrients, especially minerals and trace elements, in food has fallen sharply. This is the result of intensive farming and cultivation of hybrid fruits and vegetables. Some trace elements have even disappeared entirely from our food chain. The situation in organically grown crops is not much better. Rocky Mountain Phyto Essentials products can be used to compensate for deficiencies. The trace elements contained in the original essence also support the work of vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. Thanks to the phyto-microminerals Ur-Essenz, the absorbed nutrients can develop their effect better.

For more information or questions, please contact our customer service or read our ​informative blog entries​ on topics such as the healing power of plant minerals or mineral and vitamin deficiencies.


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Rocky Mountain Minerals minerals

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