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Buch “Dr. Switzers Wildkräuter-Vitalkost-Therapie”


In this richly illustrated and easy-to-understand book, you will learn how the effects of the classic Gerson Therapy, which includes freshly squeezed vegetable juices, coffee enemas and vital supplements, have changed in our times when hybrid vegetables and fruits contain too much sugar and too much sugar low in phytonutrients, with Dr. Switzer’s wild herb vital food therapy can be successfully supported. Learn how you can keep degenerative diseases in check or regenerate the body with slow-pressed herbal-vegetable juices and green wild herb smoothies, lactic-fermented sprout-vegetable juices and wild-herb vitality food dishes. Learn all about coffee enemas and their healing effects. This is particularly useful for those with liver problems or anyone wanting to do a full detox. Be inspired by a variety of recipes that not only taste fantastic, but also help your body to protect itself from diseases and support you in complex healing processes. through dr Switzer’s book about wild herb vital food therapy, you will learn how to strengthen your immune system, detoxify your body and prevent serious illnesses. The detailed patient testimonial at the end of the book is not only very inspiring but also unique and will surely motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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Discover how you can detoxify the liver, bile and intestines with coffee enemas and the Ayurveda wild herb detox cure and how you can strengthen your immune system with vital foods, dietary supplements such as vitamins, micro-minerals and enzymes as well as homeopathic, Ayurvedic vital remedies. Miracle cure wild herb smoothie Wild herb smoothies, for which you will also find suggestions in this book, are a real insider tip. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and valuable secondary plant substances. In addition, wild herb smoothies contain a lot of chlorophyll, which can help the body to cleanse blood and form new blood cells. Chlorophyll is a true miracle cure because, in addition to these positive properties, it can also help with magnesium deficiency. Wild herb smoothies are not only very tasty, but can also protect you from diseases. Wild herb smoothies are perfect to make with natural foods like leaves and herbs. Gerson Therapy: Boost your immune system Gerson Therapy can help cure various diseases and served as an inspiration for Dr. Switzer’s book. The healthy nutritional therapy of the German doctor is based on the consumption of vital food, i.e. fresh fruit and squeezed juices, the effects of which you will also learn more about in this book. In general, it can be said about the effect of the Gerson therapy that it supports the immune system and can therefore help the body to heal itself. This is achieved in a completely natural way and without chemicals. Healing effects of coffee enemas Furthermore, the book by Dr. Switzer new perspectives on the subject of coffee enema. This method of detoxification is primarily beneficial for the liver. Many people have already benefited from coffee enemas and thus achieved unexpected healing successes. Coffee enemas are also used in some naturopaths. Learn through the book by Dr. Switzer, how you can protect your healthy cells in the case of chemotherapy with ketogenic fasting and how you can supplement your diet with algae, small amounts of animal food and the oil-protein diet. A detailed patient report with many personal recommendations, 2 detailed and illustrated healing recipes, herbalism and information on devices and sources of supply complete the book.
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